Vision, mission & values

Our vision

To be a solution partner for providing services of quality in microbial and genetic resources for academia and industry


Our mission

The BCCM consortium aims to : 

  • acquire, preserve and distribute microbial and genetic resources,
  • identify and characterize these biological materials,
  • offer customer-oriented services,
  • increase the understanding of microorganisms and their function in ecosystems,
  • foster the application of biological resources.


Our strategy

The BCCM consortium joins 7 decentralised biological resource centres with complementary expertise.


  • continues to upgrade its service portfolio and scientific expertise,
  • develops a powerful data management system,
  • runs a multi-site ISO 9001 quality management system,
  • fosters (inter)national collaboration, linkage and exchange,
  • complies with (inter)national regulations regarding the handling of microbial and genetic resources.


Our commitment

In the frame of this vision and mission, the BCCM Management Board wants the BCCM consortium to be an excellent Biological Resource Centre offering quality services to its customers.

In order to be "Great at small things", the BCCM Management Board is committed to:

  • set up the necessary processes to know and to understand the requirements of the customers and to guarantee customer satisfaction;
  • to raise awareness with all staff members of the BCCM consortium of the processes in which they are involved and to encourage them to contribute to the efficacy of these processes and to the customer focus of the BCCM consortium;
  • to acquire the involvement of the staff members, by giving them the necessary information, resources and confidence for an adequate realisation of their tasks, aiming at satisfied staff members and a common success;
  • establish mutually beneficial relationships with all relevant stakeholders;
  • comply with the applicable laws and regulations in a consistent way.

This commitment is supported by the multi-site quality management system (QMS) of the BCCM consortium that complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. In practice, this implies that the Management Board will:

  • define quality objectives;
  • consider the information that is generated by the QMS for decision-making;
  • take appropriate actions when QMS-related measurements indicate the necessity to do so;
  • promote risk based thinking;
  • support continuous improvement of the QMS (Plan Do Check Act cycle);
  • allocate the necessary resources to the QMS, in relation to the actual capacity of the consortium.


Our values


'Respect for biodiversity'                                          

The preservation of biological material lies at the heart of our consortium. We are committed to make this material accessible to explore and valorise its infinite possibilities.

'Strong in knowledge exchange'

We exchange knowledge and expertise with our customers and colleagues. This way we can continuously improve and assure that valuable scientific data and adequate information is provided.

'Open communication & collaboration'

Through open internal and external communication, we aim to build long-term collaborations and gain trust from our customers.

'Connecting through complementarity'

Our complementarity in types of material enhances the strength of the BCCM consortium. Combining different skills and perspectives creates the road map to a flexible team, ready to tackle challenges in an interdisciplinary way.