Feedback on the BCCM training course on preservation of micro-organisms

A BCCM training was organized end of September 2017. The training enabled participants to follow, during one week, a one-day seminar on management of a culture collection, legal issues and Information management, a 3-days hands-on training (major) on the handling and preservation of bacteria, cyanobacteria and fungi as well as a one-day demo (minor) for these 3 different organisms or a seminar on new developments in gene and plasmid technology.

The detailled program can still be viewed at:

Sixteen participants registred for the full training program. The feedback of the participants was very positive! They especially appreciated the hands-on sessions as well as the interactions with expert trainers. They agreed that the training is very useful for their work.




The half day seminar about “New developments in Gene and Plasmid Technology” was  also successful with 42 participants for its first edition. Most participants found it an excellent mix of reminders, overviews of the latest publications in the field and information on related services offered by BCCM/LMBP and its host laboratory.

BCCM/LMBP had a short interview with Gilles Doumont (Université Libre de Bruxelles), who was among the first to register for the seminar.

“To be given an overview of recent techniques by a well-known, reliable organization such as BCCM was just what I needed. Especially the information on working with lentiviral vectors and with CRISPR caught my interest.

I was pleasantly surprised at the plethora of options offered by an array of new lentiviral vectors. Next to that, the complete overview of the rise of CRISPR and its emerging new possibilities was very informative. I would however have appreciated an additional topic about shRNA, a technique that seems to be slowly outphased in favor of CRISPR/Cas, but which in my opinion is still very solid, quick and cheap.

The other talks, on protein production, gene targeting and bio-imaging were of less direct use for my work, but were still highly interesting and offered a nice variety of topics. ”


Like many other participants, Gilles highly favours a regular organization of seminars, allowing the speakers to go even more into detail about their favorite techniques. A recommendation BCCM is pleased to hear and will happily fulfill in the future.



A next edition of the BCCM training in this format will be organised in September or October 2018.

The BCCM staff is looking forward to welcome you!


Date of publication: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2017