EMbaRC European Consortium of Microbial Resources Centres

BCCM participates in the EU project EMbaRC European Consortium of Microbial Resources Centres


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EMbaRC is an EU project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme, Research Infrastructures action.


EMbaRC aims to improve, coordinate and validate Microbial Resource Centre (MRC) delivery to European and international researchers from public and private sectors. EMbaRC participants plan to incorporate the current OECD best practice guidelines as well as emerging national standards for Biological Resource Centre into their Quality Management System. That will keep quality of their products and services at the highest level, and contribute to optimise the offer of quality microbial resources and services at international level.

Research output will deliver new methods for strain and DNA preservation, novel techniques for identifying species and high throughput screening for natural products. The networking elements create the European node of the Global Biological Resource Centre Network, as envisaged by OECD.